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Tableau Server is a fully developed Business Intelligence platform, providing analytics in mobile and browser versions. Tableau Server integrates with the existing data architecture, taking into account security protocols and individual system requirements.

Tableau Server offers sharing of reports by multiple users based on a web browser and mobile devices, while ensuring data confidentiality. After publishing the pool on a secure Tableau server, any user with access can filter, highlight and analyze its content directly in the browser or tablet. The rights management is very extensive and allows very detailed definition of the rights of each user.

Tableau Server is the safest way to share reports, which is great for organizations with their own data warehouse. An additional advantage of this solution is the ability to set access for "Guests" who do not need a license. Such people can view, download, filter and edit individual reports, among other things. All this is done from the browser level. It is a great convenience and savings for large organizations, where the group of end recipients who do not need a Tableau license can be very large.

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