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Tableau Prep is an excellent tool for data preparation and at the same time the latest Tableau product. Thanks to it, you no longer need to customize your tables before importing. Inside Tableau , you can customize and link tables from different data sources.

The intuitive graphical interface enables even faster and easier preparation of data for analysis. Tableau Prep saves our time thanks to such functionalities as data cleaning, grouping or quick editing. What's more, we can trace our every step thanks to the graphic visualization of the introduced changes. On the other hand, at the end of the edition, we have the option to save the entire process, so that it does not have to be prepared again in the future.

Most importantly, the operation does not require coding skills. All functionalities are very easy to use thanks to the 'drag & drop' method. The Tableau programmers made sure that every user who has no experience in using databases was able to take full advantage of the possibilities of Tableau Prep.

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