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Tableau Desktop is a basic wizard that is used directly for data analysis, visualization and reporting. The solution provides quick connection with any database and immediate visualization of data, which is presented on an interactive dashboard. The user can get answers to the questions and present the results of the analysis within a few minutes. The intuitive user interface uses the 'drag & drop' method and enables the creation of consolidated dashboards from multiple data sources. Creating visualizations and dashboards does not require programming skills.

Connecting to any data is a matter of a few clicks. Tableau Desktop can retrieve data from files (Excel, Word, PDF, txt and many others) and directly from databases (Oracle, Teradata, Amazon Redshift and many others). What is important, Tableau offers a fast in-memory database engine to speed up the analysis.

The end user receives the analyzes in an interactive form - with the possibility of easy filtering and data mining.

Analyzes prepared in Tableau Desktop can be shared in several forms:

  • on-line through Tableau Server or Tableau Online , where end users get access to reports via a web application, tablets, smartphones, etc.,
  • off-line as a file sent e.g. by e-mail, with capability of reading it with the free Tableau Reader tool
  • through the Tableau Mobile application which enables access to dashboards, reports and analysis on mobile devices (tablet, smartphone).

Sharing the results is as easy and quick as the analysis itself. Charts and reports can be saved in PDF format or used in Power Point presentations. However, Tableau has much better functionality. The presentation of the results can be carried out in an interactive way, using the built-in Story functionality.

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