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Why React Native becomes popular?

In React Native, everything is native, so forget about full cross-platform compatibility.


Starting with React!

Do you want to learn about React, but you still don’t get the chance to learn It? Or maybe you’ve already tried to master React, but couldn’t really understand it? Or maybe you have figured out the basics, but you want to put your knowledge in order? This article is written specifically for those who have answered at least one of these questions positively. Today we will create a simple music player, revealing the basic concepts of React as we move towards the goal.


PropTech: how new technologies change the real estate market

We live in a period of the global expansion of technologies that are slowly changing our way of life on the scale of human life, but at lightning speed on the scale of world history. Real estate, which is quite conservative in nature, is also influenced by various technological trends. Along with the already established “FINTECH”, we are increasingly hearing the term “proptech”, which is a derivative of two English words: property (real estate) and technologies (technologies). Proptech literally means technology in real estate. In fact, it is both an industry and a set of innovations designed to change the way we explore, rent, buy, and use real estate.


Blocks of modernity in analytics

We live in an exciting time of accelerated innovation, increased global competition, and unprecedented opportunity to disrupt and reinvent. The exponential growth of digital technology, ubiquitous internet connectivity, and proliferation of smart devices — all of which create a deluge of data that holds a competitive advantage for anyone that can quickly and accurately understand it — is enabling a fourth industrial revolution.


Advantages and disadvantages of Tableau

Tableau Software as data visualization tool for non-dev users. Advantages and disadvantages.


Web Accessibility in React

According to the WHO, around 15% of people all over the world live with some kind of disability. There are four main categories of disabilities, and each of them require specific technologies, tools and programs for the disabled person to be able to take full advantage of the benefits of the Internet.


Basic terms that a freshman needs to learn to get his dream data science job.

We all know that feeling when you have to learn something completely new. The issue overwhelms you and the problem seems like rocket science. You have no idea where to start or who to ask for help. You have to do something but you don’t know what so you spend your time on Facebook or start cleaning your house. I bet that university students know best what I’m talking about.